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Pictures from Artscape Sunday

This Sunday at Artscape, students from “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” in Film & Media Studies at JHU created slide projections for a reading of the “End of the Line” script at the Single Carrot Theatre. Summer and pre-college students and RAs participated in the chorus for the project, along with Parallel Octave regulars and Baltimore performers.  We also had the opportunity to conduct a chorus workshop with Artscape audience members, and teach choruses to them before the reading began. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

“End of the Line” at Artscape, July 21


Eight writers from Poland, Hungary, the US and Spain respond to Polish playwright Wojtek Ziemilski’s “Mała Narracja” (Small Narration) by exploring the stories of their own grandparents. With live music.

Reading of “The End of the Line“: (free admission)
Sunday, July 21
7 PM
Single Carrot Theatre, Artscape Festival, 1727 N. Charles

(Facebook event here and Artscape link here.)

With music from the Parallel Octave Chorus and the Theater & Music Lab of JHU Summer Programs, and slide projections designed by summer students from JHU’s “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” class, in Film and Media Studies, under the guidance of Meg Rorison.

Bakk Ágnes (Hungary), Nathan Cooper (US), Rachel Jendrzejewski (US), Marek Krawczyk (Poland / US), Dorota Sobstel (Poland), Maite Tarazona (Spain), Vági Eszter (Hungary), Dara Weinberg (US)
Natalia Ballestero, Genevieve de Mahy, Megan Ihnen, Sandy Koll, the Parallel Octave Chorus, and the JHU Summer Theater & Music Lab

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Our next meeting: July 9th

lyre2We will meet
on Tuesday, July 9th
at 7 PM
in Mattin Center room 105
on the JHU Homewood campus

to record poems and also to have the first open public rehearsal of the Summer Theater & Music Laboratory–of which, more information, below! There will be pizza and a piano with no keys or action. Bring your own instruments, your voices, your choruses.


For performers–actors, musicians, singers
who want to use their training
to work on improvising as a group
in a chorus or orchestra/band–this summer.

We’ll be speaking, singing, and playing, in a format inspired by Greek choruses. Performers of all backgrounds are welcome.

We actually have quite a few classically trained musicians improvising with us–but we also have people who don’t read music.

Schedule conflicts are not a problem–we can work with anyone who can come to even part of these rehearsals. There is no memorization. The time commitment is low.

Read on for our schedule:
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The Pulse Beats Ten and Intermits: Sound from July 2nd session

Ten poem-recordings for the first rounds of “Auteur 101” student films–from Poe to Stephen Crane to Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. Downloadable and listenable on SoundCloud now.

You can follow the filmmakerly antics of our students at Their first films, based on these recordings, will appear on Wednesday!

Albatross Tree

Herewith, Parallel Octave’s first album, directed by the venerable Danny Schwartz. It contains jazz, choruses, singing, poetry by Heine and Coleridge in both German and English, and obstruse (obtuse + abstruse) criticism of poetry, including portions of the Preface to “Lyrical Ballads.” 16 tracks; 20 minutes long. It is awesome.

This album is FREE!
We’ll be giving it away all summer, but you can also listen or download right now on SoundCloud.

(One note: these tracks are not available for ANTHOLOGY filmmakers. The team that made Albatross Tree is planning some kind of massive filmopoetic extravaganza.)

Our next meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd

the-worlds-poets Venerable Octaves! We have resolved to meet
to record poems chosen by the erstwhile students of “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory”
on Tuesday, July 2nd
at 7 PM
in Mattin Center 105
on the JHU Homewood campus.

There will be a piano in the room. Otherwise, BYOInstruments. Also, #ThereWillBePizza

These poems will be used by the students for their films for the class, which will become part of the glorious compilation which is ANTHOLOGY III.

Did we mention that the Call For Filmmakers is up, by the way? It is! You can read the guidelines and rules here, and check out the available sound files…here. Choose your poem, and make your film. But do it quickly–because ANTHOLOGY III is a speed filmmaking project, and you only have 21 days in which to do it.

Our next meeting: Sunday, April 28

Our last open session of the Spring 2013 semester will be
Sunday, April 28;  2-3:30 PM;
in the SDS Room of the Mattin Center on the JHU campus, in Baltimore.


We will record poems, with live improvised music, on an as-yet-unspecified, mysterious theme. Perhaps something about the bitterness of endings, and the promise of return.