Our next meeting: Tuesday, July 2nd

the-worlds-poets Venerable Octaves! We have resolved to meet
to record poems chosen by the erstwhile students of “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory”
on Tuesday, July 2nd
at 7 PM
in Mattin Center 105
on the JHU Homewood campus.

There will be a piano in the room. Otherwise, BYOInstruments. Also, #ThereWillBePizza

These poems will be used by the students for their films for the class, which will become part of the glorious compilation which is ANTHOLOGY III.

Did we mention that the Call For Filmmakers is up, by the way? It is! You can read the guidelines and rules here, and check out the available sound files…here. Choose your poem, and make your film. But do it quickly–because ANTHOLOGY III is a speed filmmaking project, and you only have 21 days in which to do it.

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