22: Crane

Text: “My Grandmother’s Love Letters,” Hart Crane.

Crane A: Octaves and rainwater

Crane B: Super Mario Bros. 2 variations

Crane C: Music boxing

Recorded at the Baltimore Free School on Saturday, October 2.
Chorus: Joe Martin (guitar, vox, mus. dir), Dara Weinberg (vox, dir), Gavin Whitt (vox)

Rehearsal notes:

Core group:

(RG, JM, DW & GW present) “At The Executed Murderer’s Grave”–our first session since deciding to make this poem part of the repertoire. Some micro-managing of strategies in first stanzas leading to powerful reading of entire thing. Discussion of various octaves within vocal group: DW/GW, GW/RG, etc. JM, one-man percussion.

All levels:

Discovery that “My Grandmother’s Love Letters” is the first text we’ve approached that we all want to do in unison, all the way through. Poem lends itself more to GW leading than RG (although RG not present). Will be interesting to test if this still works with entire group. 3 recordings, all usable.

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