21: Eliot

Three different versions of T.S. Eliot’s “Animula”:

A: Eerie unresolved guitar. Resignation. Frustration. “I told you so” voices. Stark. Ending without music.

B: Gentle contempt, sadness. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles” voices. Darker, lower chords. Hymnlike sung ending.

C: Bemusement. Humor. Lighthearted guitar, leading into a more desperate ending.

Rehearsal notes:

No core group session this week.

All levels session: Dara’s first after Poland. Richard and Dara alternating vocals, Danny playing guitar. This assortment is the original grouping of us (minus Patrick Franklin). Very effective session. We tried a lot of different acting intentions around the idea of surveying–surveying the field of battle, as it were, the field of life.

Recorded on Saturday, September 25, at the Blue Room at the Baltimore Free School, from 2-3:30 PM.
Chorus: Richard Goldberg (vox), Daniel Schwartz (vox), Dara Weinberg (vox, dir)

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