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Our next meeting: Sunday, February 17: Love, Cruel Love

We regret to inform you that the “Love, Cruel Love” session has been cancelled. Perhaps it should have been called “Love, Inconstant and Fickle, Unpredictable, Swerving Love.” We will save our selected poems, archived below, on the woes of love for next year’s February. That’ll be 2/14 in 2014–time to complain, if ever there was a time to complain, about the divagations of Aphrodite.

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Here we come a-wassailling

Many thanks to The Duc D’Angelos for letting us guest-chorusize as openers for their An Die Musik set last night! Electronic documentation of the event will be appended to this post when it is available. Audience who joined in the Carroll and Dickinson choruses with us: you all are jolly good fellows. All of you.

An Die Musik: January 31

Let’s ring in the 2013 with a short dose of ParOctage:
we will be performing and collaborating with the audience (poems TBA)
at An Die Musik
on Thursday, January 31
at 8 PM
as the opening act for The Duc D’Angelos,
with ParOct’s own John Sullivan.

There may or may not be a lyre coming out of a turtle's head at this event.

There may or may not be a lyre coming out of a turtle’s head at this event.

Happy New Year from Parallel Octave

It’s been a year of actively active activity for ||8ve. With your choral cooperation and chorusizing suppport, we’ve performed three readings of TO DIE IN ATHENS in Baltimore and Poland (Komuna//Warszawa, Homewood House Museum, and Fabryka Sztuki), with a chorus always open to everyone; we’ve produced 26 short films as part of ANTHOLOGY II at the Creative Alliance; we taught a course called “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” through JHU’s Summer Programs and the Program in Film and Media Studies (all student films here); and we have recorded poems upon poems upon poems in open sessions on the JHU campus and as part of CHURCH in Baltimore.

We hope to do all of the same things in the 2013, including, of course, ANTHOLOGY III (stay tuned!), and a new lineup of open poem-recording sessions on the JHU campus–there will also be a new cooperation with Baltimore’s Poetry Out Loud. As Annie Proulx says in “Bird Cloud,” “You bet.”

For now, we leave you with one of the films from ANTHOLOGY II, based on Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Fortschritt” (Progress), directed by Alexandra Nemetschke.

While we are not sure if what we are doing is “progress” or not, we know it has been tremendously fun, and we do not intend to stop. May 2013 bring you–and us–all the Greek choruses you can handle!

(You can watch all the ANTHOLOGY II films online at Parallel Octave’s YouTube channel.)

Pictures from Dec 2nd reading

From the choral reading of “Umrzeć w Atenach//To Die in Athens” in Łódź, with a Parallel Octaveesque open-to-all chorus of students, parents, community members, actors, singers, and musicians reading “To Die in Athens” in Polish. All images by photographer Aneta Lukas.



More pictures:
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Sunday, December 2nd: International Day of Greek Choruses

Whether you’re in Baltimore or in Łódź, Parallel Octave has all the Greek choruses you can eat this Sunday, December 2nd at noon!

A satyr chorus. Doing what satyr choruses do.

1) In Baltimore, organized by Tamar Nachmany:

This Sunday (12/2), Parallel Octave will host an open poetry-recording/chanting session as part of CHURCH, an afternoon of new spiritual rituals at the Holy Underground. 12/2/12. Come at 12 noon.

Holy Underground is located at 2021 Maryland Ave (between 20th and 21st). And BYI! (Bring your instruments!)

If you’re interested, feel free to email for more details.

2) In Łódź (details and Facebook event here):

The Parallel Octave Chorus, from Baltimore, and the Great Choir of Young Chorea, from Łódź, invite you to an unofficial showing for friends (“work in progress”) of a new project in Łódź: a reading of a play, in Polish and English, adapted from the
ancient Greek comedies and dramas.

(To Die In Athens)

w Fabryce Sztuki / at the Factory of Art
niedziela 2 grudnia / Sunday, December 2nd
o 17:00 po południu / at 5 PM in the afternoon
w Łodzi / in Łodzi
ul. Tymienieckiego 3, 90-365 Łódź

wstęp wolny / free admission

For anyone–actors, singers, etc.–who would like to join the Greek chorus of this production, all you have to do is show up at Fabryka Sztuki at 12 noon on Sunday the 2nd, the day of the show, and rehearse with us for four hours.

Dla tego pokazu, nasz chór projektu jest otwarty dla znajomych. Zapraszamy do udziału w chórze greckim, który wystąpi podczas tego spektaklu. Wystarczy pojawić się w Fabryce Sztuki w dniu przedstawienia — w niedzielę, 2. grudnia o godz. 12. Próba potrwa cztery godziny.

Our next meeting: Sunday, November 18

We have resolved to convene for the last time this semester to record a) poems chosen by our Anthology filmmakers and ParOct regulars, and b) as a backup, poems related to Joy and the Joyesque. THERE WILL BE SNACKS.

I’m William Wordsworth, and I find your lack of joy surprising.

We look forward to seeing you
in our usual Mattin Center room 105, on the JHU campus,
from 2-3:30 PM,
on Sunday, November 18th.

As usual, there will be a piano in the room. BYOinstruments. All performers, poets, musicians, and friends and foes of the poets are very welcome.

I may not look very joyful but I actually am tremendously joyful. And I think very well of (not very well of) him.

Pomes follow:

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Sunday, November 4th: Gone Wilde with Filmmakers’ Choice, Round 1

Filmmakers and Paroctavians–for this coming session, on Sunday, November 4th, we throw it open to you to suggest which poems you would like us to record. If you have no suggestions, maybe Oscar Wilde does: or maybe we could talk about the MUTABILITY AND CHANGINGNESS of all things.

As usual, we’ll see you from 2 to 3:30 PM in Mattin 105 on the JHU Homewood campus.

[Sound files from this session not yet edited for posting]

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Filmmaker’s Choice

Our next open sessions will be November 4th and 18th. November is “Filmmaker’s Choice” month–if you’ve made a film for one of the past ANTHOLOGY compilations and want to do one again in 2013, we can use the November sessions to record the (public-domain) poem you want to use. The actual ANTH III application won’t be available until January, but this is something we’re trying to do in advance this year.

Our next meeting: Sunday, October 7th

“And much of Madness, and more of Sin,
And Horror the soul of the plot.”

– Edgar Allan Poe, “The Conqueror Worm”

“Oh, my aged Uncle Arly,
Sitting on a heap of barley!”

– Edward Lear, “Incidents in the Life of my Uncle Arly”

“I whole in body, and in mind,
but very weak in purse,
Do make, and write my testament
for fear it will be worse.”

– Isabella Whitney, from “The Manner of Her Will…”

Death, be not proud: be poetic. It’s Halloween early at Parallel Octave, as we’re only hosting one open session this month. This coming Sunday, October 7th, join us for some of the obscurer (yet equally melodramatic) poems of Baltimore’s own Edgar Allan, not to mention William Blake. Worms! Skulls! Smiling, worm-eaten skulls!

Sunday, October 7th
Mattin 105, JHU campus
2-3:30 PM

BYOinstruments: friends, foes, actors, musicians, and other interested parties (interested in recording poems, that is) are all welcome. There will be a piano in the room.

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