Happy New Year from Parallel Octave

It’s been a year of actively active activity for ||8ve. With your choral cooperation and chorusizing suppport, we’ve performed three readings of TO DIE IN ATHENS in Baltimore and Poland (Komuna//Warszawa, Homewood House Museum, and Fabryka Sztuki), with a chorus always open to everyone; we’ve produced 26 short films as part of ANTHOLOGY II at the Creative Alliance; we taught a course called “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” through JHU’s Summer Programs and the Program in Film and Media Studies (all student films here); and we have recorded poems upon poems upon poems in open sessions on the JHU campus and as part of CHURCH in Baltimore.

We hope to do all of the same things in the 2013, including, of course, ANTHOLOGY III (stay tuned!), and a new lineup of open poem-recording sessions on the JHU campus–there will also be a new cooperation with Baltimore’s Poetry Out Loud. As Annie Proulx says in “Bird Cloud,” “You bet.”

For now, we leave you with one of the films from ANTHOLOGY II, based on Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Fortschritt” (Progress), directed by Alexandra Nemetschke.

While we are not sure if what we are doing is “progress” or not, we know it has been tremendously fun, and we do not intend to stop. May 2013 bring you–and us–all the Greek choruses you can handle!

(You can watch all the ANTHOLOGY II films online at Parallel Octave’s YouTube channel.)

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