The Lorelei, the Albatross and the Pine Tree

This spring, Parallel Octave, in collaboration with MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet (, will perform a theatrical work by Dara Weinberg entitled The Lorelei, the Albatross and the Pine Tree (or Albatross/Lorelei for short).  The work is a collage of poems and texts by Coleridge, Heine and others, set to free-jazz/electronic music and dance.  The Baltimore debut performances will occur at the Arellano Theater, Levering Hall, Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus on Sunday May 4 @ 4pm and Tuesday May 6 @ 6pm.  Both performances are free to the public.  Come and help us celebrate poetry, music and dance!


Text adaptation by Dara Weinberg, from works by Coleridge, Heine, and others

Directed by Danny Schwartz and Alexis Monroe

Music by Danny Schwartz and John Sullivan, with Stephanie Koziej and Phil Jenkins (including arrangements of 12th century French chanson)

Choreography by Olivia Sabee

Featuring Alexis Monroe, Dana Woodson, and Stephanie Koziej

Engineering by Aaron Smith and Josh Laskin

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