Do you remember the picture-book thieves?

If you don’t, Charlotte Mew does! 22 of the 26 shorts from this summer’s ANTHOLOGY II are now up on YouTube and on the Parallel Octave website. (YouTube is best for skipping around–the ParOct page link lets you watch them in the order they appeared in the supermegafilm.)

Here’s one to get you started: filmmaker Adhiraj Goel’s stop-motion “Fin de Fete,” based on the poem by Charlotte Mew. This is one of the shorts created through the JHU Auteur 101 class.

And the poem:

Fin de Fête

Sweetheart, for such a day
One mustn’t grudge the score;
Here, then, it’s all to pay,
It’s Good-night at the door.

Good-night and good dreams to you,—
Do you remember the picture-book thieves
Who left two children sleeping in a wood the long night through,
And how the birds came down and covered them with leaves?

So you and I should have slept,—But now,
Oh, what a lonely head!
With just the shadow of a waving bough
In the moonlight over your bed.

– Charlotte Mew

ANTHOLOGY II premiered at the Creative Alliance on August 2nd, 2012; some pictures from the screening are here.

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