Athens, city named for great Athena…

Parallel Octave invites all interested parties to be part of the chorus (musicians, actors, poets, singers, all of the above) for our upcoming concert reading of TO DIE IN ATHENS, which will take place on Sunday, August 12th at the Homewood Museum. Much more info here.

Our first meeting: this Sunday, July 15, 7-9 PM, Mattin 105 on the JHU campus. Directions to Mattin 105 are at the end of this post.

The chorus from TO DIE IN ATHENS in Warsaw, this June.

This Sunday, we’ll talk/read through some of the choruses and music in a very general sense. It’s not necessary to come to all rehearsals to be part of the project–just be in touch with us at paralleloctaveATgmail.

A schedule of future ATHENS rehearsals follows:


In Mattin 105 on the JHU campus:
– ATHENS music/chorus rehearsal – Sunday, July 15, 7 PM – 9 PM
– ATHENS music/chorus rehearsal – Thursday, July 19, 9 PM – 11 PM
– ATHENS music/chorus rehearsal – Thursday, July 26, 9 PM – 11 PM

In the SDS room, next door to Mattin 105, also on the JHU campus:

– ATHENS music/chorus dress rehearsal: Saturday, August 11, 6-10 PM

Day of show (all rehearsals in Homewood House on the JHU campus)
Sunday, August 12
– Call: 11: 30 AM: Meet in front of the MSE Library and the big green oval lawn
to walk over to Homewood House
– ATHENS dress rehearsal ALL CAST: 12- 4 PM, Homewood House
Break: 4-5 PM
Performance: 5 PM, Homewood House

Directions to Mattin Center rm. 105, on the JHU Homewood campus in Charles Village:
Enter campus at Charles and 33rd. The Mattin Center is the brick-and-blue-glass building right there at 33rd–the FIRST building you can gain entrance to. Turn to the left once you step on campus and enter the first available door. Mattin is broken up into four sections–Room 105 is on the left, closest to Charles Street. If the section you went into doesn’t have a Room 105, you are in the wrong section.

(105 is in the same section as the piano practice rooms and the SDS room, JHUians.)

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