Friday, July 13: Rilke, Dudley, Gilka Machado and more

Who said it was bad luck to record poetry on Friday the 13th? Not the intrepid students of “Auteur 101,” who are barrelling down the barrels of yet more poetry this very Friday from 12 till 3 pm in JHU’s Mattin Center, room 105.

Poet Gilka Machado.

Join us, if you dare, for the following items of poemization. (Links below are to the students’ commentary on the poems.)
Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Fortschritt (Progress)
Helen Dudley’s “To One Unknown
Gilka Machado’s “Poema de Amor” (last stanza only)
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer’s “Amor Eterno
Abu at-Tayyib Ahmad al-Mutanabbi’s “When you traced your name, you were fatherless…”
Ben Jonson’s “On Gut
Charlotte Mew’s “Fin de Fête

Rilke, Rilke, Rilke.

Directions to Mattin 105 below:

Enter campus at Charles and 33rd. The Mattin Center is the brick-and-blue-glass building right there at 33rd–the FIRST building you can gain entrance to. Turn to the left once you step on campus and enter the first available door. Mattin is broken up into four sections–Room 105 is on the left, closest to Charles Street. If the section you went into doesn’t have a Room 105, you are in the wrong section, she said, confusingly.

(105 is in the same section as the piano practice rooms and the SDS room, JHUians.)

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