Our next meeting: July 7th, Charlotte Mew…and more!

Parallel Octave will hold an open session on the poems of the remarkable Charlotte Mew, as well as the poems of Byron, Poe, Gertrude Stein, Vicente Huidobro, John Clare, Dickinson and Tennyson, this Saturday, July 7th at 4:30 PM. Location: Mattin Center room 105, JHU campus (directions at end of post).

Sweet as the first wild violets, she, / To her wild self. But what to me?

Poems may include the following:
John Clare‘s “I Am“;
Emily Dickinson‘s “I’m Nobody! Who are you?“;
Edgar Allan Poe‘s “A Dream Within A Dream“;
Tennyson‘s “The Deserted House“;
Byron‘s “So We’ll Go No More A-Roving“;
Vicente Huidrobro‘s “Canción Nueva“;
Gertrude Stein‘s “Stanzas in Meditation“;

…and these Charlotte Mew poems:
Rooms” (eat your heart out, C.P. Cavafy!)
Not For That City
From A Window
and the awesome, frightening “The Farmer’s Bride,” very RFrostesque:

When us was wed she turned afraid
Of love and me and all things human…

I shall miss the sycamore more, I suppose, / Than anything else on this earth that is out in green.

We’re going to have a bunch of very cool summer JHU students with us who are taking the ParOct “Auteur 101” class @ JHU (check out their course blog here!) and making more short films for ANTHOLOGY II. They need new sound files; we will record them. These sound files will, in all likelihood, make their way into ANTH II. Come and meet these awesome students. They hail from Vienna, Connecticut, Saudi Arabia, Memphis, Towson, Colombia and Maryland, and we are delighted to have them making films for the screening!

Directions to Mattin 105:
To get to Mattin, enter campus at 32nd and Charles–you will see brick, kind of blueish glass, and modernish-looking buildings. Mattin is the very first building RIGHT THERE at 32nd and Charles, off of Charles–you don’t have to wander deep onto campus at all. It is *right* there.
The center is split up into four different multiple brick/blueglass buildings though, so you may find it hard to find room 105. (It is on the ground floor, and there actually are numbers printed on the outside doors, but they’re not the easiest to see.) I will put signs everywhere I can. I will have my phone on.

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