Announcing the ANTHOLOGY II filmmakers

Ladies and gentlemen, start your cameras! ImageOur filmmakers are: Jake Appet & Tamar Nachmany (co-directing), Anamika Bandopadhyay, Alice Venessa Bever, Ellen Freytag, Adam Gray, Marie Ilene, Rachel Jendrzejewski & Theo Goodell (co-directing), Joseph Martin, Danny Schwartz, Valerie Smith, and Sandylee Triolo.

The screening of this filmic extravaganza will take place on Thursday, August 2nd.

We need to record some new sound for several of these people, so we’re going to have a very very special extended almost-all-acoustic perfectionist open session on April 1st for this purpose. (No joke! This is happening.)  Highly delicious food will be provided: free pizza. Details forthcoming in the very next post.

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