Call for filmmakers: Two weeks to submit to Anthology I

The application for ANTHOLOGY I, Parallel Octave’s collaborative film project, is now online. Interested filmmakers should send their information to by February 15, 2011.


Ten poems. Ten short films by different filmmakers.
One anthology.

Parallel Octave ( is a Baltimore-based group of actors and musicians, and we make audio recordings of poems in a format inspired by Greek choruses. (Many voices at once.)

Here’s how the project will work:
1) We provide the audio.
2) You (the filmmaker) provide the visuals for a short film, for one poem. (Think of it as a music video for a poem: you don’t have to deal with recording any sound.)
3) We combine the ten short films into one collaborative film, Anthology I, to be screened in Baltimore in mid-June.

Join us! Apply by February 15.

Link to application:
Contact: Producers:
More info on Parallel Octave:

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