10: Thomas, Donne, Stevens

Texts: Dylan Thomas’s “A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London,” John Donne’s “Song,” and, yes, again, Wallace Stevens’s “Emperor of Ice-Cream.” The text is quiet on a lot of these, which I think may be due to the acoustics of the Sherwood Room.

“Refusal” on Banhart / Bob Dylan / ballad mode:

“Refusal,” soprano sax, percussion & text as musical element:

“Song” stichomythic/slow:

“Refusal” meets the spirit of Hastings:

Closer: “Emperor of Ice-Cream,” soprano sax, percussion (text very faint) :

Recorded June 12, 2010, in the Sherwood Room, Levering Hall, JHU Homewood campus
John Berndt (vox, soprano sax), Joe Martin (vox, piano, percussion) Dara Weinberg (vox, dir)

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